Terms and Conditions

Terms, conditions, cancellation and refund policy


Terms and Conditions

Corporate Debt Solutions – Global Limited collects monies on behalf of its clients for a range of products and services. The monies collected via this secure web page are secured in a holding account for 30 days prior to being deposited in the clients’ accounts, during this period your account will be placed on hold and no further collections activity will be entered into.

Refund policy

Should you dispute the client account debts please contact collections_team@cds.org.uk stating your reasons as to why the account should be refunded. alternatively if paying by credit card utilise the credit card claim back service if you have used your card to pay any balances with the value, costing over £100 and up to £30,000, you’re covered by ‘section 75’ of the Consumer Credit Act.

For security purposes, refunds can only be made back to the originating card.

Cancellation Policy

In the instance that you as a client feel that the payment has been made in error or that goods and services were incorrectly charged / not required you have a right to cancel the transaction at any time. This cancellation should be made formally to collections_team@cdsolutionsglobal.com within 30 days of the payment being made. Your claim will then be investigated and a return of monies provided along with confirmation.

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