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We apply a strategic approach to credit control, continually analysing a ledger and applying a collections strategy based on the propensity to pay, external credit scoring and client direction.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the situations of all parties involved, before identifying the best methods of moving forward that results in the payment of any outstanding debt to your business.

Our team are fully aware that collecting what is due as quickly as possible is the ultimate priority. As a result, from the tracing of the debt to the investigation around the circumstances and the methods involved in retrieving what is owed, you can rest assured that we’ll progress all across all areas as quickly as possible for your complete convenience.

In order to provide the highest quality results to our clients, we work off a three step process.

Step – 1

Understanding of the debtor

Develop a comrehensive understanding of the debtor’s financial situation

Get a clearer view of the debtor’s bility to pay, any financial difficulties and their current credit score

Keep contract points minimal to avoid confusion and repetition of information from multiple individuals

Step – 2

Enhanced performance

Work on activity that will get results and minimise activity that won’t deliver the desired return

strive to achieve a reduced overall cost to collect the outstanding debt

Step – 3

Transparency across our activity

Keep the client well informed of our activity and progress across every step of the debt collection

Clear understanding of who is working on the account and is the best point of contact for any questions of

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